2008 | C-Print | 50 x 100 cm

The urban overspill of the 60s and 70s covered Veneto's landscape just like a river flood.
Out of the overflow of cement and enthusiasm, only a few elements linked to the past have been saved, and within these few are the so called 'capitelli'.  

As warrantors of the invisible, 'capitelli' have survived by changing form and tonality according to the likes of whoever was taking care of them: they are sumptuous on the corner of a firm, institutional at the entrance of an ambitious town, democratically well-groomed at the gate of an amusement park, or adorned with the care used for a devotional cabinet by a country road.

In the past 'capitelli' would mark places, rhythms and duties of everyday social life: today, instead, 'capitelli' illustrate one of the world's territories which most struggles in its constant shifting between modernity and justice, conservation and devotion.